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Church RestorationCampbell Plastering specializes in plaster restoration and historical plaster restoration. For the past century plaster has been one of the most veratile, artistic and robust materials available. Many homes and historically significant buildings have exquisite, decorative plaster work that adds to the value of the structure and gives it a personal touch not often seen in modern construction. In addition to it's beauty plaster offers excellent fire redardace, sound insulation and time tested durability. Over time plaster will show signs of wear and the damage can be alarming to an untrained eye. Often this damage looks worse than it is and repairing the plaster will actually be cheaper and in the long run more durable than removing it. These are the type of projects that Campbell Plastering have been tackling for three generations. Give us a call a call before deciding to replace a timeless piece of history and see how afordable it can be to restore your plaster work to its original splendor.


Our Plaster Restoration Services Include:

  • Curved Walls or Ceilings
  • Cleaning
  • Decorative Moldings & Details
  • Cosmetic Repairs
  • Surface Refinishing
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